The Scrumptious Scoundrel: Little Batard!

The Scrumptious Scoundrel: Little Batard!

Breadbar Little Batard

Introducing our darling, the love child “of the Old city of Paris and the young and sexy Los Angeles:” the Little Batard!

Staying safe at home keeping you from sinfully good French sourdough? We got you! 

For us at BREADBAR, the stay-at-home order was an invitation to partner with French-designer-turned-baker, Kerian Jary on the Little Batard product "line." Together, our goal was to develop a batard worthy of its 25-years-aged Parisian levain, a wild yeast endearingly named “Marcel.”

Mixing Marcel with the all-natural ingredients (water, flour, salt), we created a superior dough. For two days, our dough is able to rise and develop its singular DNA, forming its signature airy, larger alveoli (bread’s honeycomb structure).

Carefully hand-shaped into the batard form, the dough is then ready for scoring - one straight slash from one end of the loaf to the other, just deep enough to help the dough expand in the oven and become a hearty crust.
Breadbar LA Little Batard
Given the patient tradition of care we bake into each of our Little Batards, we kindly ask that you place your order two days in advance for that superior quality taste in every bite!
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