Sourdough Round (Boule) Handmade Baked fresh daily


Introducing our simple, best-selling sourdough! Combining the four purest ingredients - flour, water, wild yeast and salt - and infusing our bread-making skill, passion, and joy, we create this superior, healthy sourdough bread.

Featured in pullmanroundbaguette and full loaf offerings, this scrumptious sourdough is 100% health-friendly with zero additives, GMO, dairy, or fat so your whole family can enjoy!


Baked to crisp perfection for that heart-healthy breakfast boost, our pantry toasted granola is a healthy blend of rolled oats, nuts, brown sugar and dried fruits. Our pure, local, raw and unfiltered honey is a perfect compliment to our sourdough, made by our friends at Heritage Family Farms. For those wanting to explore quality baking adventures, our all-purpose, low-protein bread flour offers ideal versatility for artisan breads, laminated dough, Neapolitan pizza, cookies, scones, and quick breads!


Sourdough starter wild fresh healthy

This week's Journey Through Bread introduces our Levain - a cultivated wild yeast starter and 15-year-aged El Segundo native! Our bakers extract the optimal flavors from the dough through a 24-to-48-hours long cold fermentation process. Given the patient tradition of care we bake into each of our sourdough breads, we kindly ask that you place your order two days in advance for that superior quality taste in every bite!


BREADBAR is wholeheartedly aware of the challenging times that our Los Angeles community faces throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts are with everyone’s struggles at this time, and we are doing our utmost to help first responders and those in need of bread in our beloved community. Please reach out to us, if you think we can make a difference in your community.

Stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask!




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