Love Note Day

Love Note Day



For Love Note Day, we invite you to celebrate your inner sweet tooth as we celebrate our love in an Ode to the Malibu Krof'n:

For all the delicious slices we’ve enjoyed together as a family, 

For all the scrumptious morsels we’ve shared for two, 

For all the delectable crumbs we’ve savored as one, 

I’ve loved you since the first slice.

You welcome me to my mornings with a hearty breakfast,

Put a spring in my step with healthy nourishment every day,

And tuck me into bed with cheese and wine,

So I love you in our morsels together.

My heartfelt gratitude for you,

Melts in my mouth, sweet.

Like a morsel of Raspberry Krof’n on love note day.

And I love you to the very last crumb!

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