⭐ Hidden Gems That Increase Revenue!

⭐ Hidden Gems That Increase Revenue!

In the culinary world, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. It's not just about offering good food; it's about crafting unique dining experiences that leave a lasting impression on your patrons. At BREADBAR, we're committed to being your partner in this culinary journey. That's why we're thrilled to introduce three exceptional bread varieties that are set to revolutionize your menu and give you a competitive edge.

Discover BREADBAR's Overlooked Treasures

Alpine Cheese Bread: Imagine the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, elevated to gourmet status. Our Alpine Cheese Bread, generously infused with Asiago and Swiss cheeses, provides the perfect foundation. We recommend pairing it with caramelized onions and a touch of Dijon mustard for a sandwich that's rich, comforting, and utterly irresistible. This loaf isn't just bread; it's an experience waiting to be savored.

Nordic Nuts & Seeds: In collaboration with the renowned baker Hidefumi Kubota, we've crafted a bread that's not only delicious but also caters to your health-conscious diners. Our Nordic Nuts & Seeds bread is paleo, gluten-free, and packed with a satisfying crunch of nuts and seeds. Top it with sliced avocado, radishes, and a sprinkle of sea salt for an open-faced sandwich that's as nutritious as it is delicious.

Apricot Bread: Sweet, fragrant apricot bits make our Apricot Bread a versatile marvel, perfect for sweet and savory applications alike. Transform your brunch menu with an unforgettable French toast, seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg, that will have your customers raving. It's a simple way to turn a classic dish into a standout offering that's talked about long after the meal is over.

The BREADBAR Advantage

With these unique bread varieties, BREADBAR offers you more than just exceptional ingredients; we provide the opportunity to enhance your menu with:

  • Flavors that Increase Revenue: Innovative and high-quality bread varieties can command higher price points, boosting your overall revenue.
  • Variety that Keeps Customers Coming Back: Offering something new and exciting will not only satisfy your regulars but also attract new customers, eager to experience what everyone is talking about.
  • Reliable Supply: Our commitment to excellence ensures that you'll always have access to these unique breads, regardless of your demand.

Partnering for Culinary Excellence

At BREADBAR, our mission is to support chefs and restaurateurs in creating menus that stand out for their creativity, quality, and flavor. We're honored to have been your artisan bread purveyor over the years and are excited to continue this journey with you, introducing innovative products that cater to your culinary vision.

As always, our team is here to support you, ready to assist with any questions or to explore how these new bread varieties can best be incorporated into your offerings.



We're excited to hear your thoughts and plans for incorporating these distinctive bread varieties into your menu. How will you use Alpine Cheese Bread, Nordic Nuts & Seeds, or Apricot Bread to elevate your offerings? Share your ideas and inspirations with us.

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