Bread Essentials: The ingredients we use to make your favorites

Bread Essentials: The ingredients we use to make your favorites

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There are so many factors that can influence the bread we make for your table. From the decades and decades of tradition to the techniques our bakers use to mix and shape every loaf and more, every item coming out of our ovens is the result of a very long process. And this process begins all the way back with what is arguably one of the most essential parts of our bread: ingredients.

Before any of our seasoned bakers can get to mixing and shaping and baking, our team has spent countless hours searching for and testing the finest ingredients to use. So for every single item you see named under the ingredients list of a loaf or bun or pastry, you can count that our team has searched for all-natural, high-quality ingredients you can trust.

Of course, one of the most critical ingredients for our bread is flour. However, which flour we use depends highly on the type of bread we’re making. In our traditional artisanal baguettes, our bakers use organic wheat flour. Meanwhile, our pumpernickel pullman loaves get their deep flavor from a mix of wheat and rye flour. And as the name suggests, our various organic buckwheat loaves are made with whole-grain buckwheat flour mixed with wheat flour. 

This is just a small sample of the flours we use to make all your favorites! However, what doesn’t vary between these flours is that they all meet our team’s high expectations for what we allow in our bread. 

Sourced from premium flour mills like our friends at Cairnspring Mills in Washington state, Central Milling in Utah, and King Arthur Flours (among others), every single flour we use has passed our and the mills’ rigorous standards at every step — from the field to the moment it’s shipped to our bakery.

Just like we set a high bar for our flour, we make sure all the other ingredients in our bread meet similarly tough standards. From the olives in our Kalamata olive loaves to the figs in our Calimyrna fig bread, or the many dried fruits in our Ultimate fruit cake, you can trust that all these other ingredients are locally sourced, all-natural ingredients. This is just as true for the butter that goes into our brioche dough and for any other ingredient you might find in the BREADBAR bakery.

Another key ingredient in many of our breads is the levains (or starters) we use to get our doughs to rise. These levains are what produce all the pockets of air in our bread, and they also impart some flavors to each loaf. However, we’ll explore more about our levains in a future blog post.

This is just a brief glimpse into the many fresh ingredients we use to make bread for your table. While there’s more to learn about each of these ingredients than can fit into one blog post, we still hope you’ve learned a bit about what’s in every delicious bite of our bread. If you want to learn more about what goes into our bread, reach out to us! We’re always happy to talk and share what we’ve learned at our bakery.

At the end of the day, what matters is that all of the ingredients we use in our bread are ones you can trust to be healthy and pure. We’ve put in the work to make sure of that.


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