A Summer of Brioche

A Summer of Brioche

... As we approach the official start of summer, we’re only going to be grilling and  enjoying the outdoors more and more. And nothing says a summer grill out better than the perfect burger or hotdog. You can add as many or as few condiments and (non-)meats as you may prefer, but you certainly need something to carry it all to your mouth.

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That’s where our brioche buns come in — offered in a broad variety of forms from burger buns (of course) to rolls, sliders, pullman loaves, and braided loaves.  Crafted by hand in our El Segundo bakery, our artisan bakers create soft, buttery buns that are like pillows for a perfectly cooked patty and more.

lobster roll french fries pickle on a plate

When you bite into one of our brioche buns, you may ask yourself what makes them so soft and rich with flavor. Well, the simple key to our brioche is butter and sugar of exceptional quality — only the best ingredients are incorporated. Added in just the right amount to the dough, these two ingredients transform it into an enriched dough.

That’s how our brioche buns get their wonderful flavor and texture, and it’s what makes them a perfect complement to the savoriness of a burger patty or the fresh crispness of lettuce and anything else you might cook up. So make sure to keep some buns in your pantry throughout the summer; it’s never been easier with our delivery straight to your door!

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