Oh Yes! Foods

Oh yes! Foods is the brainchild of Dr Chip Milam.

"We believe bread can be good for you. Simple as that. In fact a lot of 'bad' things can be good for you if they're packed with nutrition. That's why our founders Dr. Emily Sikking and Dr. Chip Milam created the OH YES! brand in 2012. Like many children, their daughter was a notoriously picky eater and the doctors discovered a way to 'hide' fruits and veggies in the crust and sauce of a pizza. Same great tasting cheese pizza but with the nutritional value of 12 veggies and fruits. We think it will make you say, OH YES!"

We met Dr. Milam in 2017. He wanted to create a line of Gluten Free breads and pastries that would be tasty and beat the dullness of the gluten free products that are available. We plan to launch this line in the fall of 2018 to be offered through our various sales channels.



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