Hidefumi Kubota

Our collaboration with Hidefumi is 9 years in the making. We met Master Baker Hidefume 9 years ago when he was working in Los Angeles. It took us 8 years and several visits to Japan to convince him to come back and collaborate with Breadbar within the program. He is based in the province of Gunma, Japan where he runs his own bakery, Croft Bakery.

Hidefumi's reputation spans many countries and he has a large number of fans in Southern California. His method is based on extracting taste from the ingredients used in his bread via a process of a long cold fermentation. His bread is unique and delicious. We call him the alchemist of taste ! and we named the line he created for Breadbar, "BreadCroft". This line is available via our wholesale and our farmers market program.

Michael David, right, created the Comme Ca burger. The bun is by Hidefumi Kubota
Breads by Hidefumi Kubota


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